• Test Plan / Case Design

    Reviewing requirements and developing test plans and cases using industry standard techniques and conventions.

  • Functional Testing

    Executing test cases in a quality assurance environment using multiple devices and mediums.

  • Regression Testing

    Running repeated test cases on previously tested software after each release.

  • Issue Tracking

    Logging, tracking, and verifying the resolution of all defects found during test case execution.

Testers understand highly technical concepts including equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, state transition, branching logic and condition-matrix testing, as well as database and data-integrity testing. We can work within any type of product development framework including Lean, Agile, Waterfall and V-Model.

As a software testing organization, MindSpark provides comprehensive quality assurance services throughout the entire product life cycle including:

  • Translating requirements into test cases
  • Performing scripted and unscripted functional, regression, and user scenario tests
  • Documenting errors or flaws in the software found during testing

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